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Virology - LayerCake Overview

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One of the areas that we’re working in application to Virology is a visual discovery environment that displays the results from data analysis of CirSeq data. If you look here on top, you can select bin size and then you have control of the sensitivity of the rate of mutation, you have types of mutations that you would like to display, and synonymous or non-synonymous mutations.

Below that, you will see proteins that are made by the virus, and if you click on one of the proteins you will be able to see a split view of proteins, amino acids, nucleotides, and the 3D structure of the protein. Below, you will see a graph representing the coverage and even lower than that the mutation rate between passages. By clicking on one of the bins, you will be able to see an expanded view that shows the same information and you can click through the left and right arrows to navigate the whole reference genome.

Such visualization tools help users interpret the data on a biological level and we hope to continue building out similar visualization methods throughout the platform to make it even more user friendly.